Product Categories: Vitamins, Painkillers and Viagra

Vitamins are products that provide a customer peace of mind. You get no immediate results from taking a vitamin. The benefits (if any) are sometime in the future. Insurance is a vitamin product. Home security systems are a vitamin product. When selling vitamin products, timing is everything. Most home security systems are sold when the customer moves, or when a neighbour’s house is burglarized. Vitamins tend to be sold when the customer is experiencing lots of FUD.
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No More Dick at Microsoft

Yesterday was my last day at Microsoft. I worked there a year. When I reflect on 2009, I think of it as the Year of Darkness. I only  wrote a couple blog posts. I was inactive in the OpenID community. I did not talk to press or analysts. I gave no public presentations.

On the positive side, I was given the opportunity to herd the cats on OAuth WRAP and get it out the door. I am happy I as able to do that. I also met some great people at Microsoft.

Having never worked in a large company, working at Microsoft was an invaluable experience for first hand knowledge on how large companies work. I definitely got experience. More than I anticipated. Will I work for another large company? Sure, given the right opportunity. I have a better idea on what parameters are needed to be successful in a large company.

Questions? Love to hear them!

A New Decade, A New Identity

As one of the first Twitter users, @Dick seemed like an appropriate handle. As you can imagine, now that Twitter is popular, the @reply noise from people commenting about ‘@Dick Clark’, ‘@Dick Cheney’, ‘@Tom @Dick & @Harry’ and numerous NSFW references to @dick has made it difficult to track true references to me. Continue reading “A New Decade, A New Identity”