OAuth 2.0 :: RFCs 6749 and 6750

Three years after the release of OAuth WRAP, OAuth 2.0 is finally an official standard as IETF RFCs 6749 and 6750. The inspiration for OAuth was to standardize how users authorize a site or application (the client) to access data at another site (the resource server). Clients wanting to access data on a resource server […]

BrowserID: Will it Succeed Where OpenID Failed?

The Mozilla Identity Team  recently released BrowserID, a user-centric identity initiative that uses email as the identifier. The Drupal community, typically quick to support open identity protocols, released support within 24 hrs, which shows how easy it is to implement.

Putting Sxipper Down

Putting Sxipper Down

Today we are informing all users of Sxipper that we will be shutting down the sxipper.com servers and not updating Sxipper to Firefox 4.0.  The writing has been on the wall for a while that Sxipper might be put to rest and it was a hard decision to make. It has been over two years since […]

OpenID: Identity Service or Identity Platform

At the last OpenID Foundation board meeting I gave the presentation below. I had hoped to have posted this sooner, but my dearth of video skills meant recording to video was significantly harder than creating the presentation — which was non-trivial itself. Unfortunately Joseph Smarr and I will not be on the OIDF board this year […]