Putting Sxipper Down

Today we are informing all users of Sxipper that we will be shutting down the sxipper.com servers and not updating Sxipper to Firefox 4.0.  The writing has been on the wall for a while that Sxipper might be put to rest and it was a hard decision to make. It has been over two years since Sxipper has learned any new tricks, and with the release of Firefox 4.0, we can’t justify teaching Sxipper about the new platform.

I looked for a new home for Sxipper. There were discussions with Microsoft when I was there and Google after that. I talked to complementary add-on companies as well, but alas, no suitable home could be found and the team has moved on to other opportunities.

Sxipper was conceived at Sxip Identity by Keith Grennan as a means of transitioning user from using passwords to an identity protocol. By providing users with a graphical interface that enabled them to click on the information they wanted to share to existing websites rather than having to type it in, the transition to an identity protocol such as OpenID could be seamless to the user.

In addition to Keith: April Allard, Tim Baur, Johnny Bufu, Peter Eller, Pooya Karimian, Jennifer Harland, David Huska, Michael Oswell, Calvin Liu, Lori Pike, Darci Robinson, Weston Triemstra, Chris Turra, Graeme Worthy, and Roger Zimmermann (updated: and Barry Ferg) contributed directly to the development of Sxipper. Everyone of you should be proud of what we accomplished with Sxipper.  (my apologies to anyone I have not acknowledged, drop me a note so I can provide the recognition you deserve)

I’d also like to thank the many members of Vancouver’s web 2.0 community that gave us invaluable feedback on the pre-release. As a young puppy, Sxipper initially was somewhat misbehaved and would show up where he was not wanted. Fortunately, the initial Sxipper users gave us lots of constructive feedback, and the team successfully trained Sxipper to be more respectful in user interactions. At the peak, there were over 100,000 active users of Sxipper.

Sxipper’s initial home was at Sxip Identity. Unfortunately, a few of Sxip’s investors were unwilling to cooperate in a restructuring of Sxip (more on that in later post), and I was forced to place Sxip into bankruptcy. Some members of the team transitioned to Sxipper’s new home: Sxipper, Inc. Roger, Calvin, Michael, David, April, Tim and Jennifer all kept working in some way on keeping Sxipper alive for the past 3 years. Michael DeSandoli helped considerably in the administrative transition. Sxipper and I thank each of you for all your effort in preparing his new home, and keeping Sxipper alive the past three years. Even though Sxipper is being put down, you did a great job and more than I could expect to keep Sxipper going.

The ease of use in filling in forms and logging into sites that Sxipper pioneered has yet to be duplicated by any of the competitive products. A high bar was set, and I hope for the sake of internet users everywhere, that the lessons Sxipper learned are remembered and become part of everyone’s internet experience, and that a little bit of Sxipper continues to live on.


There are a number of comments asking to open source Sxipper. Just uploading the Sxipper code to an open source repository and hoping someone picks it up would be like leaving Sxipper at the hospital entrance hoping someone would save him and find the funds to operate the sxipper.com server. Sxipper’s demise should be done with honour.

It would be great if a group of people gathered together and were committed to a open source project around maintaining and operating Sxipper. I’d be very interested in a proposal that would enable Sxipper to get a new life.




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  1. chandermani

    I have been using sxipper for last 2 years and its sad that it is closing. I don't understand why can such an awesome tool be added to Firefox.

  2. mooreath

    It was a really great software . browsing was way too more easy with Sxipper. I' m going to miss you, you cute little dog !

  3. Kyle

    Insomuch that I don't really "rely" on anything to manage my affairs, the closest I come is relying on Sxipper to remember all of the things I'm too busy to remember myself.

    I would be willing to pay for the service (to a certain point) – not sure if that has been brought up yet but I'm throwing it out there, for what it's worth. Not sure if a small user fee from all of these loyal users would provide the necessary funding?

    Anyhow – please – keep Sxipper alive.

  4. Richard

    This really sucks. This is the best software for password management etc. I have tried getting used to other options but there is no comparison.

    I do not understand why this cannot just be opened up as open-source?!! The hospital comparison made makes no sense to me. So what, leave it at the hospital door..better than than throwing the patient off a bridge? Right?

    If the author doesn't have the time anymore for this than please release it so everyone that has grown to rely on this can still use it.

  5. Ronald

    For sellers Sxipper makes all the form fills easier when submitting to search engines and Social Network sites saving tons of time. Some people just do not know how important Sxipper is! It is too valuable to be lost. It would be like losing Firefox.

  6. Alex

    It stinks really bad to see Sxipper go. All this did is make me pissed off to no end at Firefox, and annoyed that all I can use now is the LastPass program, which is utter crap.

  7. Enzo

    Have you tried to speak with Opera?

  8. Enzo

    I think that Opera is a very good browser and, being almost unknown in USA, will accept to try a program like Sxipper, an utility it haven't

  9. Wes Umbreit

    I would pay a fee to be able to continue with this manager… it would be worth a premium price, A separate standalone program would be well worth it to me.
    Here's wishing you the best on your newest endeavors and I certainly would like to know where you 'land'.

  10. THLin

    i stick to Firefox 3 because of Sxipper. Tried other password management extensions but nothing compares to it. i'd gladly donate some money if this would save sxipper…

  11. Dnyanesh Mankar

    Sxipper was the reason I used Firefox. Now I am struggling with Lastpass. It doesn't even come close to sxipper.

    Please revive the the project. Charge some fee for it. I'll by happy to pay for it.

  12. Paolo Av,


  13. Ronald

    WE NEED SXIPPER!!!! I can't upgrade to Fox 4 until I have it!!!

  14. Sarah Eaglesfield

    So today was upgrade day :-( Already miss my lil Sxipper….

  15. German Ciuba

    I'm going to miss Sxipper. I never knew how to pronounce it, but I used it all the time. I wish all concerned would find a way to keep it going. This is another example of superior products going under while inferior ones survive. Is this progress or the triumph of mediocrity?

  16. Kangar00

    Sxipper is one of the few FF extensions I always made sure to have on my machines. I'm very sad to hear that it won't be available any more – still not updating to fox 4.0 – I'm hoping beyond hope

  17. Alex

    I only stayed with Firefox and didn't switch to Chrome because of this plug-in – even though Firefox uses 3x the memory…so please, keep it and update it to work with FF4…

  18. Christine King

    I have so far not upgraded to Firefox 4. Holding out. Can't imagine the nightmare of not having Sxipper or some other add ons that I depend on with Firefox 4. Please bring Sxipper back!

  19. anuz

    I think you would have thought of making it an open source project, you can get a lot of support from community?

  20. Genio

    I just upgraded to FF4 and I have to say that I really miss Sxipper. It is unfortunate that such a good extension came to and end. I hope that it somehow makes it back…

  21. Ross

    Being a former project manager & partner of a software product that met its own demise, I am more than a little empathetic to your decision, Dick!!

    Sxipper was one of THE MOST important and useful tools I've had since using FireFox, exclusively, for over 3 years!!

    1. dickhardt

      Thanks Ross!

  22. skylab

    I've been bombarding mozilla with request to pickup the sxipper project, hope all of the others here do the same.

  23. mark

    With the recent Lastpass security breach, you could have taken a great PR stand stating how Sxipper is not prone to such breaches since it is not on the cloud. This would have been a great marketing strategy and you would have been able to gain a great market share.

    So what is the status? Has any open source implementation initiated? Sxipper is a great piece of software, even Without the server integration for form maps. All we really want is to have Sxipper be compatible with the new Firefox, so that we can continue using it on our system with or without a cloud.

  24. .zzzZzz


  25. mike

    outstanding we must keep sxipper it is the best i have lost mine i had a crash so i do not no where or how i can get sxipper back

  26. JKS


  27. Anders

    I have been postponing my FF4 upgrade solely due to lack of Sxipper support. I really hope someone can pick it up as an open source project. Love it!

    1. Joy

      Yes surely :) Sxipper is Gold! With all the high talent on Earth, there is someone of Gold who can adapt Sxipper to Firefox 4.

  28. Alan

    Please save Sxipper. I feel it's loss every day!

  29. Hector

    What a pity! I've used Sxipper for over 2 years now and it was only after my desktop crashed did I find out that the Sxipper was going to buried at sea. I've tried other programs, but none of them feel right. If Sxipper is truly gone to rest what program(s) have you other Sxipper users gone to or recommend?

    Thanks for the Memory!


  30. JohnyGK

    I've used sxipper since I can remember and I recommended it to all my friends family.
    Bring it back! I rly miss it!

  31. Troy Rech

    Well said, William, well said.

  32. fred donaldson

    Being a former roboform user going l*nux I've used sxipper for a while but unhappy with how it worked (in comparison with roboform). I've procrastinated finding another solution.
    Thanks for pushing me in that direction.

    May the dog rest in peace!

    Fred Donaldson

  33. martiendejong

    Please drop it in a repository somewhere. People will come to work on it.
    If you have a repo url I'd be willing to look at it and maybe host it or work on it.

  34. Christine King

    I am concerned about upgrading to FF4, but now I am having Hotmail issues and it seems one solution would be to get FF4. Will I completely lose the memorized password pop-ups if I upgrade? I am willing to use IE just to access my Hotmail if that is the case. I dread the nightmare of losing the massive amounts of passwords I had automated if I upgrade and the message on the front page does not make sense, it says Sxipper will not work in FF$ but the passwords will be there. What does that mean?

    Lastly I want to make this very clear: I would PAY to have Sxipper continue to fetch for me! I hope something concrete happens. I tried to for the third time to post messages requesting this at Firefox but now they will not allow me to post messages until I upgrade to FF4!

    1. mark

      you can have both firefox 4 and firefox 33 installed. just make sure you do not overwrite the old one, and make a new folder in installation,add 4 in end of its name, so its seperate and you can launch 4 when you really really need to

    2. Graybeard

      A talented programmer will be able adapt Sxipper to function with Firefox 4.

      1. muisje81

        Plzzz tell me how!!!

  35. Ronald

    You may hear THOUSANDS of posts about how good Sxipper is, and adding one is just like a single teardrop falling to the Pacific Ocean.

    But it's a teardrop, nonetheless. Sxipper is THE best, the AWESOME-est masterpiece. Simplify my life, and it has a ranking system too, to give it an element of fun. Making it go away from my life simply makes me shed a teardrop of sadness and regret : Why I can't give even a tiniest support to you.

    Thanks, and good luck.

  36. Ronald

    You may hear THOUSANDS of posts about how good Sxipper is, and adding one is just like a single teardrop falling to the Pacific Ocean.

  37. Browncjw

    No Sxipper must stay! I would happily pay some money towards it via a PayPal if the requirement is cost of development and hosting.

    I cannot navigate the internet without Sxipper…..Please find a solution.

  38. deb

    I have been waiting for weeks hoping someone would support Sxipper. This is going to be such a loss for all! Is there anyway you could except donations to try and keep Sxipper going and than have us all pay a annual or monthly fee? I am sure all the thousands of Sxipper users would be willing. I will not upgrade to FF4 because I will lose the best pup around.

  39. Donna Smith

    I will sooo miss you, hate to see you go ( yes, I think of skipper as a good friend) you made my computer time so much easier, goodbye;(

  40. Shameless

    So sad to see Sxipper go. One of my absolute favorite add ons. Not sure what I'll do with out it. Wish there was something we could do.

  41. Olga

    The end is coming and no solution yet. I"'m sooooooooooooooooooo sad about it.

  42. Muisje81

    Sxipper has to stay!!! Can't live without it on the internet!!!
    Really, it has to stay!
    My boyfriend tried another password-programm, but nothing is like Sxipper.

    Really, really don't like this!!!

  43. phyllis

    0when I got Firefox 4 i could not use sxipper, i got Firefox older version that i can still use sxipper.
    i use other password programs just didn't like them.

  44. Browncjw

    WTF has happened that we couldn't save the Sxipper…..bring it back! I am having to use LastAss….it sucks its own proverbial.

    I am willing to pay up to £37.45 to keep Sxipper forever….

    If you found 1000 people like me….well…..you'd have some money…

  45. kimball

    really the best add on for firefox!!! i am sorry

  46. Ted Moskalenko

    I just want to say that I am still using FF 3.6 on some of my computers just to keep going with Sxipper on my local machine. It's an experience that I have not been able to replicate with any other add-ons. Open sourcing the code would be great!

  47. Michael Groves

    What a lame way to let good software go to waste. Sure, Dick, you wrote it, you can do what you like with it, but what's the deal with not making it easy for other people to have a go at maintaining or improving it, if you have given up? It's not ACTUALLY a dog, remember? It's a piece of software – the whole "dying with dignity" thing is just a way of you preferring that people remember it fondly the way you wrote it, rather than run the risk that it might morph into something even greater under someone else's stewardship.

  48. Dick Hardt

    Michael, yes, I prefer people remember Sxipper for what it was. No one with the technical skills to maintain Sxipper let alone "morph into something even greater" came forward unfortunately.

  49. Christine King

    There is a Firefox add-on called Lazarus it resurrects lost posts and unsaved emails etc. I wish we could apply Lazarus to Sxipper and resurrect the doggie. That FastPass program is terrible in comparison. My web experience is so much the worse these days…

  50. Michael R. Wolf

    I have held off upgrades to Firefox exclusively because I don't want to loose sxipper. In the months since sxipper (and its globally sourced page learning) has any product or service come close? If so, I'd like to move forward with a new Firefox, letting the fox and the hound fade as a fond memory. Sure would like to run with a new dog and a new fox, though. Thoughts?

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