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Buy macrobid without prescription, Three years after the release of OAuth WRAP, OAuth 2.0 is finally an official standard as IETF RFCs 6749 and 6750.

The inspiration for OAuth was to standardize how users authorize a site or application (the client) to access data at another site (the resource server). Clients wanting to access data on a resource server would ask the user for their credentials so that they could call the API or scrape the site - a horrible practice from a security point of view.

Flickr, macrobid 100mg, Microsoft, Yahoo. Does macrobid affect birth control, and others came up with flows that allowed the client to redirect the user to the resource server to authorize release of the users data and then get a token to make API calls instead of the user's password.

Each of these solved the same problem in a slightly different way and client developers had to learn each mechanism and terminology, buy macrobid without prescription. Many say a need to standardizing the best practices to discourage the falling back to asking for the user's password and OAuth was born.

One of the design decisions in OAuth 1.0 was to not require SSL. While lowering the barrier to developers by not requiring SSL was admirable, generic for macrobid, it effectively meant the developer had to implement crypto. While this was wrapped up in libraries and it would usually work - when it did not work - or worse - worked intermittently - it was difficult to debug. Buy macrobid without prescription, I know. Macrobid birth control, Another issue with OAuth 1.0 is there is no separation between the token issuer (authority) and the resource. This was not an issue for the original implementers, but as the cloud became important, the resource could be running in a completely different security context than the server granting authority, buy macrobid online.

OAuth 2.0 started life as a collaboration between Google, Microsoft, Buy macrobid online, and Yahoo. to address the issues with OAuth 1.0. The editor of OAuth did not see the work as building on OAuth, so we called it WRAP (Web Resource Authorization Protocol), buy macrobid without prescription. When we described WRAP at an IIW meeting three years ago, the OAuth community asked us to have it be part of OAuth, buy macrobid without prescription, and the work was contributed to the IETF OAuth working group.

The drama around OAuth continued, Generic name for macrobid, as people flopped back and forth. The specification was even broken into two parts (RFC 6749 and RFC 6750 edited by Mike Jones) because someone did not want to be associated with bearer tokens. But the community persevered, and we now have OAuth 2.0 RFCs that are simple to implement, uses for macrobid.

OAuth 2.0 brings three important enhancements:

  1. Buy macrobid without prescription, Simplicity: Client developers don't need to do any cryptography or use a library to call OAuth 2.0 protected resources. The token can be passed in the HTTP headers or as a URL parameter. While HTTP headers are preferred, Buy macrobid, a URL parameter is simpler and allows API exploration with a browser.

  2. Token choice: implementers can use existing tokens that they already generate or consume. There are extension points so that the client can sign the token instead of it being a bearer token.

  3. Separation of roles: if the token is self-contained, then the resource can verify the token independently of the authorization server. Resources don't have to call back to the authorization server to verify the token on each call, enabling higher performance and separation of security  contexts.

Facebook, Google, Microsoft and deployed early drafts of OAuth 2.0. I was at f8 when Facebook released the graph API which uses an early draft of OAuth 2.0. My colleagues and I were able to explore the API with our browsers sitting in the audience as the API was described.  With this work now complete, many of us can now focus on the next layers in the identity stack.


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The Mozilla Identity Team  recently released BrowserID Macrobid birth control, , a user-centric identity initiative that uses email as the identifier. The Drupal community, typically quick to support open identity protocols, released support within 24 hrs, which shows how easy it is to implement, macrobid without prescription.

If you read my recent post on the OpenID Foundation, you will know I am disappointed in the direction of OpenID. I am encouraged that BrowserID has many of the core features I was hoping would emerge in OpenID v.Next. Macrobid for sale, There has been a reasonable amount of online coverage of BrowserID, what it is, and how it compares to OpenID. I'll focus on what I think are important issues that I have not seen covered. 


Unlike OpenID Connect, BrowserID is user-centric aka Identity 2.0, macrobid birth control. With the demise of InfoCards and the service-centric approach of OpenID Connect, it is encouraging to see the emergence of user-centric proposals, generic for macrobid. While in some ways subtle, I think this is an overlooked feature.

Email as Identifier for Others

There has been plenty of discussions on the pros and cons of using email as an identifier. Buy macrobid without prescription, There is an important pro that seems to be missed. It is the only widely adopted, non-proprietary identifier for other people. Macrobid birth control, When you want to share information or communicate to someone online, we usually have an email address for the other person. With the rise of sharing online as supported by Zuckerberg's Law of Social Sharing, critical function of an identity system is how we identify other people.

Will BrowserID Succeed?

At IIW 11 I led a session on the Decline of User-Centric Identity  which tried to cover reasons why InfoCards and OpenID failed to provide a wide spread, does macrobid affect birth control, user-centric identity solution.

Business Motivation: While the idealists amongst us are keen to promote the "Open Web", the business reality of running a website will trump idealism for most sites. Macrobid without prescription, The BrowserID web site answers questions about how to implement BrowserID, but punts on why an Identity Provider should implement and there is no mention on why a Relying Party will implement. Without appropriate financial incentives, there will be no widespread adoption, macrobid birth control. The financial incentives of course tend to be indirect: my site has less friction for user registration, I have a deeper relationship with my users etc.

Open Web: Facebook, macrobid birth control, and to a lesser degree, Twitter, are becoming the defacto identity services on the internet. Buy macrobid online, I currently don't see any motivation for either Facebook or Twitter to adopt BrowserID -- they have their own identity systems which strengthen their respective positions as critical internet infrastructure. While idealists talk about the virtues of "open", the business driver behind "open" has been to unseat incumbents. Macrobid birth control, As a non-profit whose raison d'être is to ensure the web is open, it is clear why BrowserID came from Mozilla. But why would any of the other players participate. To succeed, generic name for macrobid, the BrowserID community needs to figure out how to bring in enough other players that are motivated to have an alternative to Facebook and Twitter.

Non Browser Support: The web has evolved since the introduction of OpenID. Support for non-browser applications has become critical with the explosion of native mobile applications. Buy macrobid online, Authenticating a user on a mobile device is more cumbersome than the traditional web SSO challenges, and a good solution to mobile SSO can gain significant traction because of the current pain. A number of us in the identity community have commented that if a good solution to mobile SSO emerges, that likely will become the web SSO solution. Unfortunately, BrowserID has been positioned as a web SSO solution, and the lack of native client support is an issue. While BrowserID has many of the right attributes, it may not succeed because it does not solve the new, emerging pain points.

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Today we are informing all users of Sxipper that we will be shutting down Buy macrobid online, the servers and not updating Sxipper to Firefox 4.0.  The writing has been on the wall for a while that Sxipper might be put to rest and it was a hard decision to make. It has been over two years since Sxipper has learned any new tricks, and with the release of Firefox 4.0, we can't justify teaching Sxipper about the new platform.

I looked for a new home for Sxipper, uses for macrobid. There were discussions with Microsoft when I was there and Google after that. I talked to complementary add-on companies as well, but alas, no suitable home could be found and the team has moved on to other opportunities, buy macrobid online.

Sxipper was conceived at Sxip Identity by Keith Grennan as a means of transitioning user from using passwords to an identity protocol. By providing users with a graphical interface that enabled them to click on the information they wanted to share to existing websites rather than having to type it in, the transition to an identity protocol such as OpenID could be seamless to the user. Macrobid 100mg, In addition to Keith: April Allard, Tim Baur, Johnny Bufu, Peter Eller, Pooya Karimian, Jennifer Harland, macrobid for sale, David Huska, Michael Oswell, Calvin Liu, Lori Pike, Buy macrobid, Darci Robinson, Weston Triemstra, Chris Turra, Graeme Worthy, and Roger Zimmermann (updated: and Barry Ferg) contributed directly to the development of Sxipper. Everyone of you should be proud of what we accomplished with Sxipper, macrobid 100mg.   Buy macrobid online, (my apologies to anyone I have not acknowledged, drop me a note so I can provide the recognition you deserve)

I'd also like to thank the many members of Vancouver's web 2.0 community that gave us invaluable feedback on the pre-release. As a young puppy, Sxipper initially was somewhat misbehaved and would show up where he was not wanted. Fortunately, the initial Sxipper users gave us lots of constructive feedback, Macrobid without prescription, and the team successfully trained Sxipper to be more respectful in user interactions. At the peak, there were over 100,000 active users of Sxipper.

Sxipper's initial home was at Sxip Identity. Unfortunately, a few of Sxip's investors were unwilling to cooperate in a restructuring of Sxip (more on that in later post), and I was forced to place Sxip into bankruptcy, buy macrobid online. Some members of the team transitioned to Sxipper's new home: Sxipper, macrobid for sale, Inc. Roger, Calvin, Michael, Uses for macrobid, David, April, Tim and Jennifer all kept working in some way on keeping Sxipper alive for the past 3 years. Michael DeSandoli helped considerably in the administrative transition. Sxipper and I thank each of you for all your effort in preparing his new home, and keeping Sxipper alive the past three years, generic name for macrobid. Buy macrobid online, Even though Sxipper is being put down, you did a great job and more than I could expect to keep Sxipper going.

The ease of use in filling in forms and logging into sites that Sxipper pioneered has yet to be duplicated by any of the competitive products. A high bar was set, and I hope for the sake of internet users everywhere, that the lessons Sxipper learned are remembered and become part of everyone's internet experience, Buy macrobid, and that a little bit of Sxipper continues to live on.


There are a number of comments asking to open source Sxipper. Just uploading the Sxipper code to an open source repository and hoping someone picks it up would be like leaving Sxipper at the hospital entrance hoping someone would save him and find the funds to operate the server. Sxipper's demise should be done with honour.

It would be great if a group of people gathered together and were committed to a open source project around maintaining and operating Sxipper. I'd be very interested in a proposal that would enable Sxipper to get a new life.




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At the last OpenID Foundation BUY VERONAL NO PRESCRIPTION, board meeting I gave the presentation below. Buy VERONAL online cod, I had hoped to have posted this sooner, but my dearth of video skills meant recording to video was significantly harder than creating the presentation -- which was non-trivial itself, VERONAL samples. VERONAL without a prescription, Unfortunately Joseph Smarr and I will not be on the OIDF board this year due to some confusion on when nominations ended. While I will miss being able to contribute to OpenID at the board level, VERONAL trusted pharmacy reviews, Online buy VERONAL without a prescription, I won't miss the politics.

But back to the presentation, VERONAL natural. I have been trying to articulate my concerns with OpenID Connect, and this presentation captures my current thinking, BUY VERONAL NO PRESCRIPTION. Purchase VERONAL online, OpenID Connect is not a user-centric architecture. It is a useful identity service, buy VERONAL from canada, Buy cheap VERONAL no rx, but it does not enable an identity network that could be a generative platform for new kinds of digital identity claims to be created and consumed. This is why user-centric identity is important -- it enables us to create an identity platform instead of an identity service, VERONAL price, coupon. Fast shipping VERONAL, Is OpenID Connect the Future of Identity. Similar to Jonathan Zittrain's book, order VERONAL no prescription, VERONAL pharmacy, "The Future of the Internet and How to Stop It";  do we need to redirect identity services towards an identity platform; or forego the digital identity innovation.

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